Out for a Drive

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Out for a Drive

Post by drocke »

A run out in Austin Heavy 12/4 Windsor Princess Grace https://youtu.be/GMZqfZx69nE
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Re: Out for a Drive

Post by Keith »

Thanks Drocke for posting. Enjoyed the scenery and great shots of your Austin, especially the aerial footage.
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Re: Out for a Drive

Post by SimonB »

Great video.
I did the same yesterday in the lovely sunshine and after a good wash down of the roads in the morning with rain to get rid of the salt.
Just fitted new brake rods and pins to prevent grab and I'm pleased to say that worked.
Also just fitted new input (sealed)/output (not sealed) shaft bearings in the gearbox, burnt off the oil on the clutch plates and I'm pleased to say no more clutch slip either :D
Unfortunately I didn't think to take any video :oops:
Car is now safely back in the garage and up on blocks for the winter.
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Re: Out for a Drive

Post by DHutch »

Two year ago now, but a cracking video, and good use of drone footage from above and behind.

Was the drone being flown manually, or following automatically? Soundtrack recorded within the car added after presumably?

Great work, nice to see.

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