New Member not not new car!

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New Member not not new car!

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Hi all. I have recently joined the VAR following my father passing away in July 2022. His 12/4 was left to my Sister and I, I have taken on the car (purchased her half) known in the family as Gusty.

Dad was a member of the VAR, VSCC and other Clubs associated with Vintage Cars and Motorcycles.

Yesterday I received my welcome letter and copies of the last few magazines which i am enjoying reading. Plenty of names in the members list that I am familiar with.

I was delighted when my request to have my late fathers membership number was granted! 597 :D

After Gusty was moved from her home in Suffolk to Essex I spent a good amount of time learning about the workings of the car and going through the fuel, cooling and electrical systems. So nice that in the main it's all nuts and bolts and fairly logical.

The 12/4 appeared on the Car SOS TV programme Series 1, Episode 8. It was re commissioned after a long period of being off the road. Dad never had the chance to get round to spending much time with the car following deterioration in Mum's health. I made the call to the Program and they agreed to take on the car, as long as I agreed that a full restoration wasn't the way to go. Phew, exactly as I and indeed Dad would have wanted it.

We have three Boys, two of whom are extremely interested in Gusty, my youngest even rewired one of the broken semaphores! Am sure the car will remain in the family for many years to come.

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