FOR SALE - 4 Austins

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FOR SALE - 4 Austins

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Wednesday 1st of march 2023 - this is a very new and special offer to VAR members.
I have four Austins to sell at 'cost' : 'Frankie' as featured in issue 676 March 23. I'm offering the fully ELECTRIC 1933 Austin 7 RP at actual cost price (excluding the 2 years labour working on it). If you read the part 1, you will know the DVLA Nazi's have seized the number plate EVA850, I'm very hopeful we can recover that, but nevertheless, the working car is available at (around) £15,000 (for a vintage EV that is 1/3rd of the price to get one. It could easily be restored back - but why? It's brilliant, best of two worlds

I also have a 1933 Austin 10/4 in perfect condition, again 'what I paid for it'. £10,000 which is a bargain having had £9500 spent on all the things you would normally have to buy to renovate it.

I have a 1934 Heavy 12/4 - which has taken me 6 months to get sorted (new starter, rebuilt dynamo, new distributor and electronic ignition, new batteries (2x6v) electronic controller, new radiator, discreat LED lamps, rewired dash : Cost (around) £12,500 (exluding 100's of hours).

And lastly not least : A freshly painted (Pullman colours) 1933 10/4 Barn Find, no rot and painted down to bare metal. Missing Radiator, engine, g'box, prop and rear tank) Cost £5,500

I'm very happy to show any and 'tell the tales' (how long do you have......;-) 07712887993 Mike Kelly
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