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Berties Boss
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Post by Berties Boss »

May I offer my thanks and congratulations to the VAR Committee for setting up this forum. Whilst I appreciate that some VAR members may choose not to avail themselves of this facility I have to say that in my (humble) opinion a comprehensive 'on-line' presence must be the way forward for all membership based organisation - especially those with a technical flavour. I'd also venture to suggest that younger (ie. those under the age of 65(?)) members will expect to have access to information, and those clubs that fail to follow the path of progress may well find themselves struggling to recruit in the future. So, well done to one and all!
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Re: Congratulations

Post by Mike01 »

Thanks for the compliment.

I feel that when members realise that it is not too onerous a task to join the FORUM they will take to it with enthusiasm.

Mike E
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Re: Congratulations

Post by Ausbob3 »

This is a great initiative Mike. Being in the Antipodes its always great to be able to engage online. Don't worry about all of the younger ones, its us oldies that can now really engage! Best wishes to the VAR and for this forum to be a success.
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Re: Congratulations

Post by BANGER-BOB »

Hello everyone. I'm new to the VAR & am very glad this forum has been set up. It will be a great asset to us all once it gets used by more members.
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Re: Congratulations

Post by Arabella_12 »

Hear hear! I think it was the promise of this forum that persuaded me to renew my sub this year (coming round again - dang!). I had previously urged its adoption on an - apparently reluctant - committee, citing the brilliant pre-war Riley Forum (free membership, minimal format, lots of experienced Riley owners...) - but also warning against the Wolseley Register type of website, a real clunker that tells you how many times you've scratched your ear that morning, the horoscope of the other users that day, etc etc. I exaggerate, but only just - it was over-complicated, and very hard to navigate for those of us better with cars than computers - given the average age of the VAR, that's probably most of us?!
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Re: Congratulations

Post by DHutch »

I think forums are a great way to communicate, ask questions, discuss issues, list buy/sell/wanted adverts, as well as to build up a catalogue of information, facebook etc has its place for quick fire questions and transient pictures/chat but is impossible to have long in depth discussions over weeks/months which is often whats needed.

Four years in the forum is still going which is great, maybe members and the newsletters/quarterly mags can encourage more people to use it?

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