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Re: New Members Say Hello.

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Welcome back to the VAR & welcome to our forum
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Re: New Members Say Hello.

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Hi Everyone
I too am a new member, having recently acquired a very sad Austin 12/4 from a barn in Somerset...
Hopefully I've managed to attach some pics, when I can move it outside (tyres completely knackered) I'll take some better ones.
It has been in the same family ownership since new, but was converted to a pick up sometime in the 40's, then 'barned' in the 70's. I've oily ragged the bonnet and door (the drivers one is missing) The engine is at present locked, but on removing the head the bores seem ok. I'll persevere with oil down the bores for a couple more weeks before taking more drastic action! Regards Paul Chappell-King
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Re: New Members Say Hello.

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I am a new member to the VAR and forum.
My name is Ray Amos,and I live in Southampton with my wife.
We have owned a 50's car in the past, but have just bought a 1933 Austin 16/6 Berkley(AME 84).It may have been known to the VAR.It is a nice tidy,running car and is nearly all original.
I was wondering if someone could give me advice on setting ignition timing,and maybe the setting of the pilot air screw on the carb?
Any help would be gratefully received.
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Re: New Members Say Hello.

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My name is David Young I am a new member from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
I am currently restoring a 1926 Clifton Tourer with an original English body.
Hope to share some pictures shortly.
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Re: New Members Say Hello.

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Hiya, I’m Neil and I’m based on the Isle of Wight. I’m currently rebuilding three Sevens but recently had the opportunity to buy a large Austin that I intend to use as a tow car for my competition Seven when completed! One conundrum however is have I bought a 12 or a 16?! Currently the car has no engine or gearbox so no easy clues for me having looked through pages of all photographs!
Hope someone knows 😂
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