100 Years of the Austin Heavy 12/4 Celebrations in 2022

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100 Years of the Austin Heavy 12/4 Celebrations in 2022

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100 Heavy 12 cars to celebrate 100 years of the Austin Heavy 12/4

As you will all know, next year marks the Centenary of the production of the Austin Heavy 12/4. We have had a brainstorming session with the Committee and some regional reps to see how best to celebrate this wonderful heritage event, and would welcome ideas from all Members, preferably at or before the AGM on 25th September. Our view is that, given the wide geographical spread of the cars and our members, we should try to have a country-wide rally over the course of the year, where a baton is carried from a starting point, through 6 to 10 defined regions, so that it involves participation from as many of our cars as is possible – hence 100 cars for 100 years. We would intend to start in April with a grand opening rally starting with the Pride of Longbridge, (possibly with a special send-off), with the baton then being passed on to the next designated region, passing eventually to our annual rally (probably again at Hartlebury Castle) and ending at our AGM (quite possibly at Bicester Heritage Centre). Each region would have its own particular character and plan, and these would range from a circular rally (on little-used roads) over a day or so, to a more centralised rally in a particular region lasting perhaps two or three days and taking in local attractions. The idea is that everyone can participate in at least one event, perhaps more, and so be a part of this celebration. We aim to get as many of our cars on the road at some point, and to have photos of every single Heavy 12/4 taking part. We would like to see several hundred cars participating at some stage, and to have at least one leg where 100 cars celebrate 100 years.

This is the genesis of our thinking, and we welcome views from all Members, particularly at the AGM, on how this Centenary can be celebrated. We will revert shortly after the AGM with more detailed plans, but in the meantime please think how YOU can help, and confirm to us that there is interest in the membership to be a part of such a celebration.
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Re: 100 Years of the Austin Heavy 12/4 Celebrations in 2022

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Sounds good.

Hopefully we can get over from the Wirral and join you.

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