Wanted 1934 Austin 16/6 Engine

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Wanted 1934 Austin 16/6 Engine

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Posted on behalf of a new member.

I'm a new memeber's club, living in France and "happy owner" of a 1934 Austin 16/6 limousine landaulet which requires its original engine, as mounted in the late Eighties with a Ford Escort's one that prevents from getting french registration.
Neil suggested me to write you about advertising for such a research throught VAR website.
The research of course includes a matching gearbox and some other accessories in order to rebuild everything as original. My Austin is a ladder chassis one (not "X")
A complete non working Austin of same period for spares could also be a good solution, instead of separate pieces, in order to have a lot of other minor parts available...
I'm also looking for original schedule of the car, which'll allow my mechanic to redo correctly all electrical issues the car needs. Maybe this could be an easier research the Club could help me to...?
I thank you for any help you could give me...

(I apologize for my english, which is of course not as fluent as I wish!)

Kind regards,

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Re: Wanted 1934 Austin 16/6 Engine

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I have been in contact with Claudio and it seems that he has the monobloc engine with a cross braced chassis which would be normal for a 1934
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