For Sale Austin 1927 12/4 parts or project

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For Sale Austin 1927 12/4 parts or project

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For Sale posted on behalf of a member of the VAR

Sadly no documentation.

The parts are what are seen on photos.
chassis, engine, gearbox gate change, back and front axles, steering columb and Windsor Body. 4 wheels and anything else on vehicle.
the price is £2500.

My number is 07815513325 and email is

Julie Swift for and behalf of Jen Longthorne
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Re: For Sale Austin 1927 12/4 parts or project

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It would be sad to see this car broken for spares as it has survived so long.
But if somebody wants the rolling chassis and engine etc, I would be very interested in just the body as I have a restored chassis waiting for a body to be found or made.
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