12/4 Timing

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12/4 Timing

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This has probably been posted before, but there’s so many I can’t see them all!
I’ve had repeated magneto issues with my ‘29 12/4, so embarked on fitting an overhauled BTH. I’ve set the timing according to the ‘manual’, which specifies 2 1/4” back on flywheel from tdc on #1. I feel I’m close, but starting handle is having a good go at spinning me the other way! I’ve tried retarding the ignition a couple of notches on the vernier cog, but I’m wondering if I’m 180 degrees out? Any suggestions, before I break an arm…?!
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Re: 12/4 Timing

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Check on the valves to see whether or not you are in the ballpark for TDC on No.1 cylinder. Have you got the plug leads on the magneto in the correct direction of rotation?
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