Direction Indicator Switch

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Neil McL
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Direction Indicator Switch

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I'm fitting indicators to my 1926 Clifton and I'd like to know where other people have chosen to fit their indicator switch - I'm currently anticipating using a reproduction, black, bakelite Lucas SP120. I'm similarly interested in what people have done for a hazard light switch and indicator. Comments and photos would be appreciated.
Neil McL
Lucas SPB120 Switch
Lucas SPB120 Switch
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Re: Direction Indicator Switch

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Hi Neil
I have a 1929 Clifton and I assume the previous owner fitted indicators and put the switch on the dash as photo, he also changed the sidelight bulb holder and it looks like a 12v 21/5 stop and tail bulb using the 21w as an indicator (which is white and not amber) and 5w for sidelight and fitted rear flasher lamps as photo.
I have fitted two age related stop lights recently.
Stay safe
Paul Rumsey
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