Cleaning petrol tanks on 12/4

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Cleaning petrol tanks on 12/4

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My car has not run for 15 years. The petrol tank look OK however there looks like a clear resin colour residue is in the bottom. Can anyone advise on cleaning the petrol tank and vacuum tank?
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Re: Cleaning petrol tanks on 12/4

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I cleaned my tank out by using paraffin and lots of rags using access from the filler cap trying not to damage the float; not a pleasant job but it worked and is easier if you take the tank out.Be aware there is a filter in the tank outlet, Although it is 10 years since I did it I seem to remember the filter is attatched to the drain plug.This may be gummed up but lots of 12/4's run without this filter and using a thimble one on the inlet to the Autovac should prevent any dirt getting in to the Autovac I would suggest petrol today is much cleaner than when our cars were made. New thimble filters are available, the alternative is to locate a company who could steam clean the tank.
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