Vintage Austin Register Ltd

The VAR Spares Scheme

The VAR Spares Scheme comprises a very comprehensive listing of spares suitable for Austin 12, 16 and 20. It is the most popular and enduring part of the Register.

You can't run your car without the VAR Spares system!

Non-members may purchase spares but at an extra charge, so this is reason enough for joining the VAR! New members receive a list of spares available and this is regularly updated in the monthly newsletter.

Spares Secretary: Steve Newton

Tel: 01332 834003

Spares Co-ordinator: Bob James

Tel: 01691 648316

The Spares Secretary is responsible for stocks and sales; sourcing is handled by the Spares Coordinator. If you have ideas, special requirements or know of a useful contact, direct your enquiries to Bob James. For the parts themselves, Steve Newton is your man.

Old Car Needing Refurbishing

When you find them like this, you will need our spares services!

Click on the image of the spares list to download a full spares list including part numbers and prices.

Please use the part numbers in the spares list when ordering.
Also have a list of what you want before contacting Steve.
This speeds up the ordering and avoids mistakes, and saves time.

Old working diagram of parts

Current Parts List 2017

The purchasing of spares is currently only available to VAR members.