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Welcome to the VAR website, which I hope you will find informative, whether you are a vintage Austin owner, a potential owner or just interested in Austin you are most welcome. The VAR caters for all Austin vehicles manufactured from 1905 -1939 but principally for the Austin 12, 16 and 20 HP cars manufactured until early 1930's.

The Spares Department supplies all the most needed parts at little over cost price and technical help is always available. Regular rallies and meetings are held, often together with other vintage clubs, around the country..

So please don't hesitate - join the Vintage Austin Register today.

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David Cantor

VAR National Rally 2017

History of Vintage Austin Register - VAR

The Vintage Austin Register (V.A.R.) was founded in 1958 as the "Vintage Austin 12/4 Register" by enthusiasts who were keen to record and preserve remaining examples of this well known an much loved car. Such was the survival rate of the Austin Motor Company's "Twelve" that the Register quickly grew and began to accept other models in the Austin range, such as the Austin 20/4, 16/6 and the ubiquitous Austin 7.

It soon became apparent that the name of the Register would have to change, to reflect the inclusion of all other Austin models. In 1961 the Register was re-named "The Vintage Austin Register". In 1981 the V.A.R. became a limited liability company and was named The Vintage Austin Register Ltd.

The During the past 42 years the V.A.R. (as it is more commonly known) has consistently attracted a steady membership of over 550 and encompasses a diverse range of Austin vehicles built between 1906 and the late 1930s Separate branches were established in Australia and New Zealand to cater for the needs of a growing number of enthusiasts emerging in both these locations.

Whilst members are more prolific in the UK (the country of manufacture) such was the strength behind the export drive that many Austins are still being found in far flung corners of the globe. The aims and objectives of the VAR are the same today as they were in 1958; to encourage restoration, preservation and use of vintage and pre-war Austins.